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Lake:   Washington Pond   Washington, ME     4894     Station: 1  

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A note about entering your Lake Monitoring certification ID:

It can be a bit tricky to enter your certification ID the first time,
especially if your ID contains both letter "O" and zeros, which some do.
Here are some guidelines to avoid trouble:

The first two characters are based on your name and are alphabetic.
Enter using upper or lower case, it doesn't matter.
If there's an 'O' here it must be entered as the letter O.

Next comes a dash (-) which is optional... you can type it or not.

The last part is a four digit number. All four digits must be entered.
If there's a 0 in this part it must be entered as a zero.

Once you enter your volunteer ID correctly it should automatically
reappear each future time automatically (thanks to a browser cookie) you won't need to type it again each time.