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Long Pond in Livermore, Maine     3816   More about this lake

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    Jonnie Maloney

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  Station   Secchi
Depth [m]
  Remarks   Volunteer
11/08/2020  1  5.29  8°C surface temp, 0.75'' rain since 10/25, lots of particulates on surface and in water column, disk barely visible on bottom, greenish tint to water column at deep station, clearer near edges & surface, sun @ low angle in sky despite being 1pm.  Jonnie Maloney
10/26/2020  1  5.10  Surface temp 11°C, bottom at 5.3m, 5'' rain since 10/11, water level came back about 10', now shy of spring level by just a few inches. My dock was the last one in, but has now been taken out for the season.  Jonnie Maloney
10/11/2020  1  4.75  16°C, 2.35'' rain since 9/26, VERY windy the past few days, most docks are out, saw adult & juvenile loon fishing together.  Jonnie Maloney
09/26/2020  1  5.05  19°C, no rain, disk disappeared right at touchdown, water level very low.  Jonnie Maloney
09/13/2020  1  4.95  19°C, no rain since last reading, water level VERY low, dock almost out of water, saw adult and juvenile loons  Jonnie Maloney
08/31/2020  1  4.70  18°C at surface, 2.5'' rain since 8/15, VERY windy day before, lots of particulates in water column. Saw adult & juvenile loons fishing together.  Jonnie Maloney
08/15/2020  1  5.15  surface temp 25°C, lots of particulates, disk barely visible on bottom, 0.8'' rain since 8/2  Jonnie Maloney
08/02/2020  1  5.02  surface temp 28°C, 0.08'' rain since 7/19, lots of particulates viewed in water column, some gloeo along shore yesterday with wind from west, today no gloeo & wind from southwest; probably moved to new location, no gloeo at Station 01, bottom at 5.32m  Jonnie Maloney
07/19/2020  1  5.34  surface temp 27°C, 2.3'' rain since 7/4, lots of particulates, but disk was still barely visible on bottom. Saw 3 adult loons in yesterday’s loon count, no chicks.  Jonnie Maloney
07/04/2020  1  5.30  disk faintly visible on bottom, got 3'' rain since 6/21, water level has risen a few inches  Jonnie Maloney
06/21/2020  1  5.27  surface temp 26°C, only 0.25'' rain since 6/7, disk barely visible on bottom, water level down at least 9'' from start of season, loon off nest (people and lg. dog right nearby), saw 1 loon swimming.  Jonnie Maloney
06/07/2020  1  4.35  Surface temp 20°C, overcast, windy, lots of particulates, 1/10'' rain since 5/23, water level has dropped a few more inches, 1 loon on nest.  Jonnie Maloney
05/23/2020  1  5.35  Temp 17° C at surface. Disk faintly visible on bottom, water level has dropped a few inches, barely any rain in last 2 weeks. Saw 1 loon and 3 small turtles.  Jonnie Maloney
05/11/2020  1  5.50  disk faintly visible on bottom, VERY windy last few days, 1.5'' rain since 4/25 & 2'' snow, saw 2 loons & 1 bald eagle, water 9°C  Jonnie Maloney
04/25/2020  1  4.84  Windy lately, lots of particulates, 11°C, saw loon and bald eagles  Jonnie Maloney
04/12/2020  1  5.63  Ice out 4/9. Disk faintly visible on bottom.  Jonnie Maloney

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