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Lake data: Holbrook Pond
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Holbrook Pond in Holden, Maine     4274   More about this lake

Volunteer lake monitors

    Joe Bukata

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  Station   Secchi
Depth [m]
  Remarks   Volunteer
10/09/2019  1  4.31  Last reading of year...rained all day 10/7 and thru that night...lake level very high for this time of year  Joe Bukata
09/25/2019  1  4.16  2nd reading 4.07 - Heavy rain last night  Joe Bukata
09/11/2019  1  3.71  Rained all last night.  Joe Bukata
08/28/2019  1  4.13    Joe Bukata
08/13/2019  1  4.34  About 4 inches of rain 6 days ago...water level real phosphorus grab completed this date  Joe Bukata
07/30/2019  1  4.35  Beautiful day.  Joe Bukata
07/16/2019  1  3.57  2nd reading...3.61...heavy rains and wind two days prior to readings  Joe Bukata
06/24/2019  1  4.61  Heavy winds and rain evening of 6/23...pond saturated with pollen to considerable depth.  Joe Bukata
06/10/2019  1  5.00  1st reading of year.  Joe Bukata

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