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Long Pond in Livermore, Maine     3816   More about this lake

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    Jonnie Maloney

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  Station   Secchi
Depth [m]
  Remarks   Volunteer
08/18/2019  1  5.18  1.1'' rain since 8/11, flat calm, cloudy bright, saw loon parents & chick, chick is now diving.  Jonnie Maloney
08/11/2019  1  5.00  4/10'' rain since last outing, saw loon chick being fed by parents, cool nights have dropped water temp to 23°C  Jonnie Maloney
08/04/2019  1  5.08  6mph NW wind, 3/10'' rain since last outing, bottom at 5.38m, saw loon pair feeding 1 chick, water 28°C  Jonnie Maloney
07/28/2019  1  5.05  1/10'' rain since 7/20, water level down > bottom at 5.35m, saw loon parents with 1 chick  Jonnie Maloney
07/20/2019  1  5.50  disk faintly visible on bottom, 4mph NW wind, bright, water 26.5º C, gloeo 3 (?), 2 loons (during Loon Count earlier AM), .25'' rain since 7/14  Jonnie Maloney
07/14/2019  1  5.55  water temp 24°C at surface in shade, just over an inch of rain since 7/7, disk faintly visible on bottom, wind NW 7mph, gusts to 10, bright, not as many particulates as previous readings  Jonnie Maloney
07/07/2019  1  4.90  water temp 25°C at surface in shade, saw loon on nest, bottom at 5.5m, trace amounts of rain since 6/29  Jonnie Maloney
06/29/2019  1  4.05  overcast, 1.4'' rain since 6/23, lots of pollen and particulates, temp 24°C in shade at surface, saw 1 loon on nest, other was fishing, bottom at 5.65, water level was a couple inches higher than it has been.  Jonnie Maloney
06/23/2019  1  4.88  bright & windy, 2'' rain over last 3 days, bottom @ 5.6m, water temp 20° at surface in shade, saw no loons  Jonnie Maloney
06/16/2019  1  5.50  disk faintly visible on bottom, 2mph SE wind, 1.8'' rain since 6/9, 2 loons, TONS of pollen, temp 20° at surface in shade  Jonnie Maloney
06/09/2019  1  5.54  flat calm, disk faintly visible on bottom, 6/10'' rain since 6/1, water temp 19°C at surface, 1 GB Heron, didn't see loons  Jonnie Maloney
06/01/2019  1  4.90  1/2'' rain since 5/26, overcast, water 15° at surface, no loons but 1 GB Heron  Jonnie Maloney
05/26/2019  1  5.23  sunny, 2 loons, 5mph SE wind, bottom at 5.5m, 1' rain since 5/19  Jonnie Maloney
05/19/2019  1  4.50  1-7/10'' rain since 5/5, lots of particulates on surface & below, water temp 12°C at surface, overcast, bottom was 5.5m, no loons  Jonnie Maloney
05/05/2019  1  5.64  .75' rain this week, faintly saw disk on bottom, 2mph wind, cloudy bright, water temp 8°C, 1 loon  Jonnie Maloney
04/28/2019  1  5.72  ice out 4/24, 2-6/10'' rain over the past few days, disk visible on bottom, 4mph wind, cloudy bright, water 7º C, green tint to water at bottom (not near shore), 2 loons  Jonnie Maloney

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