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Lake data: Highland Lake
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Highland Lake in Falmouth, Maine     3734   More about this lake

Volunteer lake monitors
    Tom Bannen
      Ryan Caster
    Keith Williams

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  Station   Secchi
Depth [m]
  Remarks   Volunteer
10/28/2017  1  5.60  Surface temp was 16.0 C, and last year at this time on October 29th it was 11.7 C. Very warm water this year! We received 3.25 inches of rain this past week.  Tom Bannen
10/15/2017  1  5.20  Very windy today, overcast too. Surface temp is 18.2 Degrees C. (very warm for mid October) Secchi reading also observed by John Wilcox (WI-0604)  Tom Bannen
10/01/2017  1  6.00  Sunny, no wind. Readings also taken by John Wilcox (WI-0604)  Tom Bannen
09/17/2017  1  6.70  Sunny, calm wind.Reading also taken by Meg Thurrell. Plankton samples taken too.  Tom Bannen
09/02/2017  1  4.90  Sunny, 10 mph wind. Microcystin sample taken.  Tom Bannen
08/26/2017  1  6.10  Sunny, light wind. Readings taken by Keith Williams and John Wilcox. The bloom has passed.  Tom Bannen
08/19/2017  1  4.30  Reading also taken by J. Wilcox (WI-0604) who observed 4.30 too. Sunny, 10mph wind. Metaphyton and picocyanobacteria is subsiding, clarity has begun to return.  Tom Bannen
08/16/2017  1  2.60  Sunny, windy, white caps.  Keith Williams
08/13/2017  1  2.10  Sunny, light breeze, picocyanobacteria bloom continues.  Keith Williams
08/10/2017  1  2.00  Nearly calm, sunny, dry  Keith Williams
08/07/2017  1  1.80  Sunny, 10 mph wind.  Tom Bannen
08/05/2017  1  2.10  10mph south wind, overcast, secchi depth observed by John W and myself. Took samples for zooplankton, phosphorus and nitrogen. A definite green color is visible all over the lake.  Tom Bannen
08/02/2017  1  2.10  Sunny and clear. Reading taken by John Wilcox (WI-0604).  Tom Bannen
07/30/2017  1  2.30  Sunny, moderate wind. Matching reading taken by John Wilcox too. phosphorus, plankton and cyanobacteria DNA samples taken today too. tam  Tom Bannen
07/25/2017  1  2.70  Sunny, light breeze. Two observations made - both 2.7 meters.  Keith Williams
07/22/2017  1  4.30  Partly sunny, light wind. Reading also observed by John Wilcox. Plankton & Phosphorus samples taken.  Tom Bannen
07/16/2017  1  5.00  Sunny, moderate wind. Reading taken by Adam Zemans and Keith Williams  Tom Bannen
07/08/2017  1  5.10  Bright, sunny, light wind. John wilcox (WI-0604) also observed 5.10 meters.  Tom Bannen
07/03/2017  1  5.30  Reading taken by John Wilcox  Tom Bannen
07/01/2017  1  5.50  Depth also observed by John Wilcox. Sunny, light wind today.  Tom Bannen
06/24/2017  1  6.00  Sunny, 8 mph wind.  Tom Bannen
06/18/2017  1  6.00  Mostly sunny, 10mph wind, lots of pollen in water.  Tom Bannen
06/10/2017  1  7.20  Sunny, light wind. John Wilcox also observed 7.2 meters  Tom Bannen
06/04/2017  1  7.30  Sunny, very light wind  Tom Bannen
05/28/2017  1  5.60  Sunny, light wind. Pollen and particulates in water.  Tom Bannen
05/20/2017  1  5.30  Sunny clear  Keith Williams
05/13/2017  1  5.40  Reading taken by Keith W. Plankton samples taken too.  Tom Bannen
05/07/2017  1  5.60  Plankton sample taken. Very windy conditions.  Tom Bannen
04/23/2017  1  5.50  Ice out was April 16th. Sunny & windy today  Tom Bannen
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