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Near realtime Secchi lake transparency data
Lake data: Highland Lake
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Highland Lake in Falmouth, Maine     3734   More about this lake

Volunteer lake monitors
    Tom Bannen
    David Nadeau
    Keith Williams

Recent web-entered water clarity (Secchi) readings               [Enter a new reading]
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  Station   Secchi
Depth [m]
  Remarks   Volunteer
07/04/2022  1  5.23  Bright. Wind 3 NW. H2O = 73.  David Nadeau
06/27/2022  1  4.70  Overcast. Wind 10 South. H2O temp 74.4  David Nadeau
06/11/2022  1  5.16  Overcast, but bright. Wind 0. H2o temp 69.8. Heavy pollen  David Nadeau
05/28/2022  1  6.24  Wind 5 SE. overcast. H2O temp 68.1  David Nadeau

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